Christina Cooks

You all may know the PBS vegan cooking show, Christina Cooks, starring Christina Pirello. We met Christina through our good friend, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Jon Michaels. Jon was Christina's musical partner on the cooking show until March 2006 when he left to devote his energy full time to his music.
The Green House is now appearing in Christina Cooks bi-monthly magazine- and our first comic features Christina, Jon and Jon's catchy Christina Cooks theme song. Please check their websites for more info on these wonderful people and their amazing talents.  To meet Jon, go to:
To meet Christina, go to:

Below are samples of some of the pages we’ve created for Christina Cooks. If you’d like to have exclusive Green House Comics created for your magazine or publication, E-mail us through our Contact Us page. We would love to create something special, tailored just for you and your readership. We are offering syndication of The Green House and Earthworm Comics in April 2007.

The Green House in Print!