Our Cup of Tea: Monument Masonry!
Our Cup Of Tea is going to be an ongoing feature where we link to a site or person that we've had personal experience with and tell a little about our connection.

From Brad. . .

I built a pond, waterfall and small stream in my backyard about 3 years ago.
While searching online for "how to" information, I found Rusty Cline's "Multitorials" on eBay. What's a Multitorial? It's a “how to” manual on CD with incredibly well written, step by step text, that has a bit of philosophy and honest, experienced tips mixed in. I was only building a pond, but being the inquisitive type that I am, I decided to order all of Rusty's Multitorials in the money-saving set. I was totally blown away by how great they were.

After building the pond and utilizing as much of Rusty's instruction as was applicable, I started visualizing a new glass block shower in our master bathroom. I'm still visualizing that. . . But, I will use my Multitorial as soon as I get around to creating the new bathroom. Rusty's company, Monument Masonry has lessons on concrete, pavers, tile and much, much more.

I sent Rusty a thank you e-mail and he asked me if he could use it for an endorsement. Feeling suddenly like a celebrity- I wrote a pretty cute couple of paragraphs endorsing Rusty and his work. My endorsement's at the bottom of the first page of his web site. If you're a weekend warrior or have a project planned. . . Please visit Rusty's site. Oh, and Rusty's also a very talented singer/songwriter. Kind of country-folk with a bit of mortar mixed in.