Pam is a Special Education teacher who also teaches yoga. She's a vegetarian who's into health, gardening and sustainable living.

She has a subtle way of leading Todd to the best choices and trying to make responsible environmental decisions along the way.


Todd is an average "guy" who's trying to learn more about the environment and expresses his new-found knowledge through his work. Eventually he will meet up with Wormy and create their new comic strip EARTHWORM: The World's Most Down-To-Earth Superhero. He's a budding cartoonist and novice handyman who tries anything once... and then asks his neighbor Roy to help him fix it.


Wormy is the Clark Kent version of Earthworm. He’s a worm with an ambition of making the world a better place. As a superhero, you’ll be able to read his comics every Sunday. Currently, he’s living outside a landfill with his friends Praying Mantis (a sensei) and Link, the John Lennon inspired activist rat.


Mange came to the Green House from the Helter Shelter. Mange likes music, food and sleeping on everything in Todd's studio. Mange's real name was Marge, but it wasn't legible on the shelter's name tag.

The Green House Cast!
We’ll also get to know, Jon- Todd’s troubadour brother. Roy & Edna, the neighbors and Woody, the conservative, country music loving mailman. . . Along with Holistic Honey Bee and a cast of many Mexican worms. . .  Curious? So are we. . .