What's sitting on the benches? Seedlings of hope, trays of sprouting situations and pots overflowing with concern for our planet. There are also a few interesting slugs, some organic fertilizer, a worm, a radical liberal rat, a praying mantis and a few other bugs to work out. But overall, it's a warm environment we think you'll enjoy visiting.

Within the Green House comic strip, Todd and Pam Green live humble lives. They're trying to do what they love and love what they do, while being conscious of the environment and their place in it. Pam is a Special Ed teacher who also teaches yoga. She's a vegetarian who's into health, gardening and sustainable living. Todd is a cartoonist who’s seeking to change the world, or at least his current situation through his talents. Along the way he tries to learn more about the environment and eventually he creates a comic strip EARTHWORM: The World's Most Down-To-Earth Superhero. Together, The Greens do their best to make conscious choices and informed environmental decisions.

They move from the city and back to Todd’s childhood home where things change for them daily.
In their new hometown, there’s a landfill that has a lot of secrets stored deep beneath the surface. Here you’ll meet a praying mantis, Link the rat (a Bush-bashing Blogger) and a worm. Ah, the worm. . . There’s a lot more to this worm than is on the surface. . . Well, there usually is.

Wormy is the Clark Kent version of Earthworm- The World’s Most Down To Earth Superhero. Eventually, you’ll find that Wormy joins forces with the Greens and they create a new environmental comic strip for kids. . .
But that’s a bit down the dirt road. For now, Earthworm is doing his own thing, and his adventures are featured on this web site once a week.  A special feature for kids and older kids alike! What better way to teach ourselves about getting more “down to earth” than through the eyes of a worm?

 So, each week you’ll read The Green House and follow the daily routines of Todd, Pam, their cat Mange, Wormy and Link. The Green House is available on line three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
If you like the strip, sign up to have us e-mail The Green House directly to you. We will also e-mail Earthworm Comics to you or anyone you think would enjoy a bright, color comic in their e-mail box every Sunday.

From January- March we will be marketing The Green House to newspapers and for web distribution. On Sunday, April 15th, in honor of Earth Day- we will be publishing The Green House daily and Sunday. E-mail subscriptions will be available for $12 a year.

Our goal is simply to do something that we enjoy and that might make a difference in the future of our world. Great things frequently come in small packages. . . Like an earthworm? With a little luck and some help from people like you, we can all build something truly special, with some humor to keep it fun!

It’s an added bonus that we’ll do this all through meeting and linking to special people like you.

May the Worm be with you.

Peter and Brad

About the Strip!